About Us

Cambridge Primary Education Trust

Cambridge Primary Education Trust (CPET) is an outstanding partnership of like-minded schools committed to offering an exceptional learning experience for all pupils and, in turn, preparing them for a successful future.

We are passionate about sharing vision, best practice and resources to deliver the best possible primary education for our children.

As a Trust, we place considerable emphasis on recruiting and investing in excellent teachers and staff, providing opportunities for development and promotion within CPET schools. This commitment enables us to retain staff and provide a stable learning environment as well as seek out talented newly-qualified teachers.

All of our schools are central to the life of their local community, providing every pupil with the opportunity not just to receive an excellent primary education, but to begin to understand how healthy communities can flourish when each person plays an active part in serving others.

School life isn’t just about the classroom. CPET schools offer a wide range of after-school activities, community interaction, residential and educational visits to enrich our children’s education.



Our Vision

To develop a self-sustaining partnership of schools that provides an outstanding education for all our pupils by offering a broad and balanced curriculum whilst remaining embedded in the local community.